Career Guidance

During his career Brian has been the Careers Adviser with responsibility for Career Guidance (and Careers Education) in over a dozen different secondary schools, two colleges, and one university.

He has vast experience in Career Guidance involving not only school pupils, school leavers, students, and those exiting college or university, but also other adults, whether, for example those seeking a career change, or those seeking to enter or re-enter the labour market.

He is very experienced in working with people with special needs including learning disabilities

Referrals come through a number of different channels, including this web site, and also word of mouth.

Career Guidance is an important element of Brian’s day to day business, and additionally supports his work as an Employment Consultant.

Service include:

  • Career Guidance interviews - in most cases the core activity
  • Career interest inventories - to assist in the Career guidance process
  • Intelligence testing
  • Aptitude testing
  • Career research

A Career Plan is agreed with the client; this summarises the discussion, and outlines steps that might be taken toward achieving career goals

What our clients say

"I was very confused regarding my career choices before I arranged to get career guidance from Brian. He carefully explored my options with me, enabling me to make informed career choices. I went on to College and I am now in a career which I enjoy very much."

S. Toolan, Edinburgh