Employment Consultancy

Each year Brian receives many requests from solicitors to complete Employment Reports or similar documents in Personal Injury cases. Instructions come from both Pursuer’s and Defender’s solicitors in broadly equal numbers. Reports are completed on an impartial basis.

The purpose of the report is generally to estimate the impact that injury or illness is likely to have upon an individual’s career and employment prospects, and earnings potential.

It could relate to anything from an accident sustained at work, to injury sustained in a road traffic accident, or injury sustained by a child at birth.

The report is generally based upon the following: case specific research, interview with the Pursuer, case papers provided for review, and a wealth of previous experience.

Brian has on a number of occasions appeared as an Expert Witness in the Court of Session and in Sheriff Courts to give evidence in Personal Injury cases.

Each case is different and the report is based upon the specific instructions received.

Expert Witness - Law Society of Scotland 2018

In a typical case, the report's principal headings might be:

  • Introduction
  • Documents reviewed (medical, others)
  • Background, education and training, employment history
  • Prospects but for the accident
  • Current situation
  • Post-accident prospect
  • Summary and conclusions

A standard fee is charge for all Employment Reports; this is made known to prospective clients in advance. Shorter reports addressing more specific employment and career related questions and issues can also be produced as required.

What our clients say

"I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Brian Keith. My firm regularly require to engage his services to prepare assessments and reports for injured clients in the pursuit of damage claims. I have always found Brian to be thorough and professional in his research and in the timeous preparation of his reports. The thoroughness of his reports frequently receive favourable comment from Counsel involved in cases and Brian is always willing and able to discuss cases informally, which is of considerable practical assistance."

Brian Castle, Partner and Executive Board Member, Digby Brown LLP